Sonntag, 30. November 2008

L.A. to London

Flying Lotus' Essential Mix vom 29. November 2008.

Man beachte die beeindruckende Trackauswahl!!!

Alice Coltrane ‘Galaxy In Turiya’
Charlie Hayden+ Egberto Gisomonti / Gonjasufi ‘Testament’
Flying Lotus ‘Massage Situation (Stripped)’
Dimlite ‘Sun Sized Twinkles’
Flying Lotus ‘Robertaflack Ft. Dolly’
Flying Lotus ‘Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)’
Ahu ‘I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix)’
Heralds Of Change ‘Amuse’
Carlos Y Gaby ‘Happy Summer Solstice’
Pudge ‘Yung Infamous’
Dorothy Ashby ‘Myself When Young’
Nosaj Thing ‘Bach’
LL ‘Turf Day’
Flying Lotus ‘Infinitum (Dimlite Remix)’
Clark ‘Springtime Epigram’
Burial ‘Shutta’
Blank Blue ‘Blank Blue (Flying Lotus Remix)’
Daedelus ‘I’m String Struck’
MHE ‘Untitled’
Daedelus / Madvillain ‘Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus Live
Hudson Mohawke ‘Zoo0000oom’
Rustie ‘Black Block Remix’
Teebs+Jackhigh ‘Idea 1 (Clutch)’
Matthewdavid ‘Tallahassee Tapes’
Martyn / Flying Lotus ‘Vancouver+Pet Monster Shotglass’
Fulgeance ‘Chico (Dorian Concept Remix)’
Joker ‘Solid State’
Rusko ‘Moanerz’
Daddy Kev ‘Invite8’
Ras G ‘Star Messenger’
Madlib ‘Unreleased Gem’
SAMIYAM ‘Cheesecake Backslap’
Knowledge ‘Dawn’
Flyamsam ‘Princess Toadstool’
Sa-Ra ‘Hollywood’
Muhsinah / Flying Lotus ‘With Me/ Melt’
Flying Lotus ‘Dissecto’
Flying Lotus ‘Breathe’
Mike Slott ‘Home’
Flying Lotus ‘Sangria Spin Cycles (Ambient Mix)’
Danny Breaks ‘Cosmic Dust’
Flying Lotus ‘Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots Remix)’
SAMIYAM ‘Falafel Cannon’
Flying Lotus ‘Beginners Falafel’
Slum Village ‘Players (Instrumental)’
Flying Lotus ‘Cackle’
Flying Lotus ‘Raise It Up’
Osborne ‘Definition Of A Breakdown’
Baron Zen ‘Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk Remix)’
Mono/Poly ‘Needsdeodorantbitch’
Chocolate Star / Nelly Furtado ‘Stay With Me/Promiscuous’
Gonjasufi ‘Suzie Q’
Kiing Midas ‘Lost (Flying Lotus Live Remix)’
Rusko / Flying Lotus ‘Terminal3’ / ‘Tea Leaf (Dancers Live Remix)’
Daedelus ‘Hours Minutes Seconds (Beat Invitational Version)’
Kode9+Flying Lotus ‘Kryon’
Zomby ‘Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)’
Busta Rhymes ‘What Up’
SAMIYAM ‘Crystal Lake’
Weather Report ‘River People’
SAMIYAM ‘Flintstone Car’
Flying Lotus ‘Backpack Caviar’
Radiohead ‘Reckoner (Flying Lotus Remix)’
Bjork ‘All Is Full Of Love’
Broadcast ‘Winter Now’
Portishead ‘Elysium’
Linda Perhacks ‘Hey Now Who Really Cares’
Flying Lotus ‘Infinitum (Exile Remix)’
Flying Lotus ‘Live Set Practice Run’

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Mittwoch, 26. November 2008


zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai (zeitkratzer records)
"This CD documents the cooperation between zeitkratzer and Carsten Nicolai, started nearly a decade ago; a cooperation between an avantgarde ensemble and a non-academic electronic musician. The electronic music of Carsten Nicolai - partly being of even aseptic clearness and quality – suddenly becomes sensual and physical through zeitkratzer’s instrumental sounds.
Inversely, zeitkratzer sounds different too: in „5 min“ the musicians play only electric sound generators: humming of plugs, the peeping of the synchronised zeitkratzer-clocks, white noise, TV cheeping at 10 kHz. „Synchron Bitwave“, the latest piece is the most sensual and warmest; no other sounds than a small third and its electric derivates, finally leading to high, dabbed string spiccati. While „c1“ transfers electronically conceived asymmetrical loops into a 19/16th rhythm. A strange undertow results, partly because of the pieces’ grounding with merging split sounds. Here, Carsten Nicolai virtually becomes metaphysical, perhaps even romantic…" (

Hört sich doch sehr interessant an...

Sonntag, 23. November 2008

Seismic Activity

Electronic Explorations hat Geburtstag und Pinch, der Geologe hinter Tectonic Recordings, gratuliert mit einem bebenden Mix!

[01] - DZ - Just Rollin (Akira Kiteshi Remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Black Acre’]
[02] - Jus Wan - Affletic - [Forthcoming ‘Applepips’]
[03] - Planas - Zulu - [Forthcoming ‘Ranking Records’]
[04] - Reso - If Ya Can’t Beat Em - [Forthcoming ‘Civil Music’]
[05] - Ben Sharpa - Hegemony - [Jarring Effects]
[06] - 16bit - In The Death Car - [Forthcoming ‘Boka Records’]
[07] - Enormous O’clock - Disparity - [Ai Records]
[08] - Millie & Andrea - Black Hammer - [Daphne]
[09] - Gunjack - Bruckshut’s Revenge - [Unsigned]
[10] - Kid606 - Die Soundboy Die - [Tigerbeat6]
[11] - Indigo - Ignite - [Forthcoming ‘Surface Tension Recordings’]
[12] - HxdB - Sedation Nation - [Forthcoming ‘Surface Tension Recordings’]

Pinch In The Mix — EE.ORG 1st Anniversary Mix

01 - Pinch & Pavel Ambiont - Poison Antedote - [Dubplate]
02 - Pinch - E.Motive - [Planet Mu]
03 - Pinch - Attack Of the Giant Robot Spiders - [Dubplate]
04 - 30Hz - Mutate(d) (Pinch Rework) - [Lot 49]
05 - Pinch - Chamber Dub - [Soul Jazz]
06 - Deleted Scenes - Terminate - [Dubplate]
07 - Pinch - Midnight Oil - [Tectonic]
08 - Peverelist - The Blues - [Dubplate]
09 - Pinch & Peverelist - Revival - [Dubplate]
10 - Distance - V (Pinch Remix) - [Dubplate]
11 - Pinch - Joyride - [Tectonic]

[13] - Mount Kimbie - Maybes - [Forthcoming ‘Hotflush Recordings’]
[14] - Octa Push - Ai Nadia - [Dub]

Den Download gibts hier!

Donnerstag, 20. November 2008


Robert Henke, die eine Hälfte von Monolake, veröffentlicht das Album Atom/Document!
"This CD/LP contains the music written for the Atom performance by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke. But since the performance is based on lots of spontaneous interaction between Christopher who controls the height of the balloons in the matrix, and me who controls the LED patterns by triggering various musical elements, each performance is different, and the recording only serves as a document of one possible scenario.

The music for the performance has been created according to a few basic principles: there are floating elements, that are not percussive and have no direct connection with the LEDs in the balloons. There are percussive elements, where in each piece each percussive element has to trigger an LED. And there are no percussive elements allowed that do not trigger LEDs. This strict conceptual approach made it possible to come up with impressive music and LED movements in a very limited period of time in 2007, before the first performance. Also each piece contains only four channels of percussive sounds, a deliberate limitation which made it possible to control the audio part of the performance entirely via a hardware MIDI controller box.

In early 2008 I decided to release the music of the performance on CD. I wanted to create more attention for the performance, I wanted to expose the photos of it, and I felt the musical effort deserves to be conserved too.
However, when working on it, I more and more came to the conclusion that in order to work without the massive visual stimulation, the music needs to be much more sophisticated and composed. I spent a lot of time refining each detail of the sounds and the patterns. Some of the pieces I rebuilt from scratch, and in some cases I went in a totally wrong direction and came back to a much earlier version after weeks of unsuccessful attempts.

The result is the most 'serious' album I created so far, and it marks a new coordinate in my musical universe, with its combination of noisy and rough industrial sounds, processed piano, and distant drones.

The album has been composed, mixed and edited entirely in Ableton Live 7, using many instances of the Operator synthesizer, recordings of a very loud and very big high-voltage transformer and a recording of some piano notes.
The vinyl edition is a heavy 180 gramm pressing in a luxury gatefold cover with full color print."

Man darf gespannt sein!

Mittwoch, 19. November 2008

Hot Flash

Scuba, der Hotflush Recordings Betreiber, steht für XLR8R an den Decks. Das Ergebnis ist eine Melange aus Dubstep, Techno, Electro und IDM.

Dubstep 2008 with Scuba

01 Shackleton "The Rope Tightens (Badawi Remix)"
02 Scuba "From Within (Marcel Dettmann Remix)"
03 Mount Kimbie "Maybes"
04 Scuba "Bleach"
05 Sigha "Expressions"
06 Pangaea "Bear Witness"
07 STP "The Fall (T++ remix)"
08 Untold "Sweat"
09 Scuba "Tense"
10 Scuba "Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)"
11 Sigha "Bruised"
12 Baby Ford + Eon "Dead Eye"
13 F "The Untitled Dub"
14 Scuba "The Upside (Martyn's Down Mix)"
15 Toasty "The Knowledge (Untold Remix)"
16 Mount Kimbie "William"

Download via XLR8R


Sonntag, 16. November 2008

Fog and Noise

KTL - IV (Editions Mego, Daymare Recordings, Inoxia Records)
"And how things have evolved. Long awaited new album by the ongoing duo of Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg.
KTL’s first full length release that is not commissioned work for theatre or film, showcases their approach to composition and structure as a highly active live band. Whereas the ‘Kindertotenlieder’ trilogy of 1, 2 and 3 were blurred washes of fog and noise polished in by ambient shine, IV is a more direct and demanding beast, referencing such diverse projects as; volume era Swans, Mecca period Cabaret Voltaire, phase one Wire, Fushitsusha and This Heat.....
Developed and composed over the spring and summer of 2008, KTL brought the material to Tokyo the following September and worked with Jim O’Rourke at the desk & controls, IV is a stunning new direction and great addition to both artists' already impressive canon.
The opening and shortest track, ‘Paraug’ is a dark shadow of previous KTL sounds, with its blowtorch riffs and sub bass rumbles. This leads the way for the album's monster ‘Paratrooper’. Over 21 minutes of driving bass pulse interwoven with razor sharp guitar from O’Malley & synth and organ blasts from Rehberg. Atsuo, from Japanese top-rockers Boris, glues it together with his arhythmic and punishing drumming. ‘Wicked Way’ is a breezy upbeat number, which if we were that way inclined would be the album's single. ‘Benbbet’ on the other hand is whole different ball game: a distant guitar loop is joined by slamming No Step beats and making way for a guitar riff to straddle all valleys and computer bass rattles. Possibly KTL’s most detailed recording. ‘Eternal Winter’ is an exercise in black frozen resonant harmonics, whereas ‘Natural Trouble’ is a slowly evolving twister of a track which is both spontaneous and focused.
KTL IV is issued on CD for the world (except Japan) on Editions Mego.
Daymere will be releasing the Japanese version, with Inoxia issuing a special vinyl edition." (Editions Mego)

Release: 9. Jänner 2009

Samstag, 15. November 2008


Murmur mixen den nächsten Teil der Resident Advisor Podcast Serie und zwar Dub-Techno Style!

Murmur - Veld - Meanwhile
Remote - Celestion - Meanwhile
Murmur - Syncline - Meanwhile
Murmur - Grandient - Meanwhile
Bvdub - A Moments Peace - Meanwhile
Sven Weisemann - Spheric Wave - Meanwhile
Remote - Tundra - Meanwhile
Quantec - Comatose - Meanwhile
Quantec - Greenfield Mill - Meanwhile
Remote - Atonal - Meanwhile
Murmur - Taproot - Meanwhile
Bovill - Torque (2) - Meanwhile
Murmur - Polar - Meanwhile
Bovill - Atlantic Highway - Meanwhile
Remote - Permafrost (Outro) - Meanwhile

Download via Resident Advisor

Check it out!

Freitag, 14. November 2008


Distance bastelt einen Mix für die Datatransmission Podcast Serie!

Folgende Tracks sind am Start:

1. Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix) [Planet Mu]
2. Goth Trad - Far Eastern Assassin (Distance Remix) [Skud Records]
3. Cyrus - Space Cadet [Dub]
4. Distance - Battle Sequence [Chestplate]
5. Distance - Magnesium [Planet Mu]
6. Mala - Miracles [Dub]
7. Distance - No Sunshine [Chestplate]
8. Deleted Scenes - Sick [Deleted Scenes]
9. Pinch - One Blood (Distance Remix) [Dub]
10. Skream - Memories Of 3rd Bass [Dub]
11. Distance vs Cyrus - Surrender [Dub]
12. Distance - Misfit [Chestplate]
13. Benga - What the Fuck [Dub]
14. Distance - v [Chestplate]
15. Benga - Killing it [Dub]
16. Distance vs Cyrus - Violate [Random Trio Productions]
17. Distance - Victim Support [Chestplate]
18. Distance - Get Low [Dub]
19. Distance - Koncrete [Planet Mu]
20. Benga vs Distance - Choke Hold [Dub]

Download via Datatransmission und die Wolken ziehen auf...

Das neue Distance Album Repercussions is out now on Planet Mu; yo!

Mittwoch, 12. November 2008

Liquid Dancehall

Zomby - Where Were U In '92? (Werk Discs)

Zomby tritt von seinen freakigen Dubstep-Produktionen einen Schritt zurück und veröffentlicht ein Album voller Rave Smasher, die er aus den frühen 90ern holt und für die Crowd von heute mit dem Zomby-Touch updatet.


Veröffentlicht wird das feine Ding auf Werk Discs, die schon für das geniale Disrupt Album Foundation Bit verantwortlich waren.
Mehr von Zomby, diesmal wieder auf Dubstep Kurs, gibts im Dezember auf Hyperdub!

Montag, 10. November 2008


Antoine Chessex, der Meister des Saxodrone!!!

Gestern spielte Chessex, zusammen mit Lasse Marhaug, das perfekte Elevate-Wochenende-Ausklang-Konzert im Rhiz!

Drone my Bones!

Donnerstag, 6. November 2008

Sonntag, 2. November 2008

A Simple Death

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox - End Of Daze (Editions Mego)
"...will get even the darkest of doomlords crawling out of their abyss of hatred, and dancing like lunatics." (Editions Mego)
Release: Dezember 2008