Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009

Zeit und Raum

A Decade of Flying Lotus mixed by The Gaslamp Killer!!!
"As we’re approaching this new year, I felt it was time to let go of some things that have been gathering dust. Some old things, and some new things, I tried to pick out tracks that I know yall haven’t heard yet so there should be surprises around every turn.

Can’t believe I’ve been making tracks for over 10 years now. That said, there’s so much to learn still.

I hope you all enjoy this mix. Thanks to the Gaslamp Killer for doing an incredible job on this.

Can’t wait for you all to hear my album ‘Cosmogramma’ coming out April 20th 2010 on Warp Records." (Flying Lotus)
Download via Brainfeeder

Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

The Return Of Fenn O'Berg

Fenn O'Berg - In Stereo (Editions Mego) Rel.: 5.3.2010

From Editions Mego:

Thats right, they’re back!
After a hiatus of almost 9 years the legendary trio of Christian Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke and Peter Rehberg have returned with a new studio album. Technically the first studio album as previous releases were edits of live performances.
They spent a week in Studio GOK Sound, Tokyo to lay down some stunning electronic works. Whereas previously the emphasis was on a chaotic blend of found samples mangled through their mobile computing systems to create a humorous oddball sound, ‘In Stereo’ implements a more wider instrumental palette of analogue & digital synthesis, guitar, piano, bass and percussion. What they do maintain is the ability to make a near psychedelic audio blend where its impossible to determine who does what.
Released as CD digipack and deluxe gatefold double vinyl which features an extra slice of classic Fenn O’Berg magic beauty.
‘In Stereo’ ...for you.

eMEGO 103/eMEGO 103V

Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part I
Part VII
Part VI
Part II (vinyl only)

Written and performed by Christian Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke & Peter Rehberg
Recorded and mixed at Studio GOK Sound, Tokyo, October 2009
Mastered at Piethopraxis, Köln, December 2009
Photos by Shunichiro Okada (Outside) & Ujin Matsuo (Inside)

Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009


Jahresabschluss beim FACT Magazine mit Redshape, dem retro-futurischen Techno-Zeremonienmeister. Optimal für die weihnachtliche Afterhour!

Logan's Run Intro
Redshape - White - Delsin
Redshape - Fortress - Unreleased (Live Only)
Newworldaquarium - Trespassers - Redshape Trespassed Mix
Redshape - Untitled - Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape - Neo - Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape - Slow Monday - Styrax Leaves
Redshape - Unltrafunk - Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape - What's On A Moog's Mind? - Podium
Logan's Run Outro

Download via FACT Magazine

Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009


Instra:mental an den Decks fürs RBMA Radio. EXTRA FETT!

Instra:mental - Pacific Heights - Darkestral
Instra:mental - Thugtronika - Exit
Source Direct & Instra:mental - Yo Bitch - Demonic
Instra:mental - Leave It All Behind - Apple Pips
Instra:mental - Comanche - Darkestral
Instra:mental - Sakura - Darkestral
Instra:mental - Futurist - Naked Lunch
dBridge - Wonder Where - Nonplus
Consequence - Reflex Reaction feat. Instra:Mental - Exit
Instra:mental - Forbidden - Apple Pips
Instra:mental - No Future - NonPlus
Instra:mental - Photograph - Darkestral
Instra:mental - Watching You - Nonplus

Download via dnbarena.ru

Frisch aus dem Presswerk: Leave It All Behind / Forbidden (Apple Pips)

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

Hut ab!

DJ Magic - No Hats No Hoods Mixtape

Wie konnte ich diese Grime-Granate nur übersehen? ...besser spät als nie, also Kopfhörer auf!

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

Xtrkt Pt.2

Sbtrkt on the rise! Check out his remix for These New Puritans here.

Big things coming in 2010:
Sbtrkt - Soundboy Shift / Rundown (Young Turks)
Sbtrkt - Laika (Brainmath)
Sbtrkt - 2020 / One Week Over / Jamlock / Pause For Thought EP (Brainmath)
Sbtrkt & Sampha - Break Off (Ramp)
Sbtrkt - ? (Planet Mu)

Samstag, 12. Dezember 2009

Cold Heat

Kurz nach der Veröffentlichung der Burner-12" Beautiful Complication / Chakra (Punch Drunk), kommt Guido mit einem FACT-Mix daher. Unbedingt antesten!

1 Guido feat Aarya - Beautiful Complication
02 Peverelist - Infinity Is Now
03 Kito - Lfo
04 L-Wiz - Tvångströjjan
05 Mala - Alicia
06 Peverelist & Pinch - Revival
07 Rustie - Tempered
08 Mala - Level 9
09 Superisk - Find ya way
10 Mia - Bucky done gun (Davinche remix)
11 Joker - Output 1 & 2
12 Smith & Mighty - Love & Unity
13 Guido - Chakra
14 L-Wiz - Fotbojan
15 Wedge & Shadz - Runnin Away (Guido remix)
16 RSD - Naked Mario Kart
17 Floating Points - K & G Beat

Download via FACT

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009


Hudson Mohawke Essential Mix vom 28. November 2009. Zwei volle Stunden variationsreiche Beats, extra large!

Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics
Machine Drum – Sakatak
Red – I should tell ya momma on you
Hudson Mohawke – Bopgunn V1 Instrumental
Dorian Concept & Lil Filip – I’m A Balla [Patchwork Pirates Edit]
Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
Tiago – Babelfish
Rustie – Nekoo
Starkey – Ok Luv
Hudson Mohawke – Ice Viper
Hudson Mohawke – Overnight Celebrity
Hudson Mohawke – Start Of A Story
Hudson Mohawke – Are You Feeling Hot
Hudson Mohawke – Take My Hand
Hudson Mohawke – Still On It
Hudson Mohawke – Pipes
Hudson Mohawke – Chorduroy
Hudson Mohawke – Photo 2
Hudson Mohawke – Waldo’s Gift
Harmonic 313 – Scar (ft. Wiley)
Princess – Say Im Your Number One
Markis Sage – Creature of Lagoon
Redinho – Mo Brap
Krystal Klear – Boogie Wan
Midnight Star & Usher – Touch that midas Girl
Becoming Real – Get Hype
Free School – Grey Goose (ft. Kelis)
Ludacris – How low can you go
Redhino – Banger
Hudson Mohawke – Stay Fresh
Lazersword – Trapperkeeper
Lil Wayne – I Feel like dying [Flying Lotus remix]
KGB Man – Africa
Ply Firls – I Could Give You Reasons
James Pants – Lickin”Stick
Hudson Mohawke – Twistclip Loop
Carl Cox – Let’s do it
Apple – Die Siegalizer
DJ Seduction – Imp002
Becoming Real – New Kids
Manix – Heads in the clouds
Jjak Hogan – Frequency
Machindrum – Carry the Weight
Fatima Yamaha – What’s a girl to do
Nacho Patrol – Futuriscic Abeba [Hudson Mohawke Remix)
Slum Village - Dirty [ft. ODB)
The Pharcyde - Passin Me By [FlyAsPie Remix]
Cloud One & Madlib – Unknown Interlude Track
SciFi Stu – The Will (ft. Vast Aire)
Terror Danjah – Bipolar
Joy Orbison – J.Doe
Lone – Sharpest View of the sun
Mwëslee – Eurocame Snips Track 4
Hudson Mohawke – Monde
Mike Slott – Snow Birds
Dimilite – Cotdam [ft. Pharrell]
American Men – AM System


Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

LA Times

Nosaj Thing zeigt den XLR8Rs bei wem in LA der Hammer hängt. Enjoy!

01 Teebs "My Whole World" (Brainfeeder)
02 Flying Lotus "Unreleased"
03 Free The Robots "La Lune" (Alpha Pup)
04 Tokimonsta "Doing It My Way"
05 Exile "Summer Sun (Take Remix)" (Plug Research)
06 The Gaslamp Killer "Anything Worse" (Brainfeeder)
07 Ras G "Disco 4000"
08 Daedelus "LA Nocturn" (Friends of Friends)
09 Samiyam "My Buddy"
10 Kab & Tully "Unreleased" (My Hollow Drum)
11 Teebs "Unreleased"
12 Nosaj Thing "Us" (Alpha Pup)
13 Flying Lotus "Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)" (Warp)
14 Nosaj Thing "Ice Cube Remix"

Download via XLR8R

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