Donnerstag, 29. April 2010


Egyptrixx has a new EP titled The Only Way Up out on Night Slugs and a fresh podcast up at XLR8R. Check it out!

01 Egyptrixx "Start from the Beginning"
02 Audion "Push" (Spectral Sound)
03 Egyptrixx "Bible Eyes"
04 Art Nouveau "Paradise"
05 Brodinski "Arnold Classics (Egyptrixx RMX)" (Grizzly)
06 Actress "Ivy May Gilpin" (Werk Discs)
07 Brackles "6am El Gordos" (Brainmath)
08 Ramadanman "Glut" (Hemlock)
09 Untold "Anaconda (Guarachero Refix)"
10 Terror Danjah "Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)" (Butterz)
11 Sigha "Rawwww" (Hotflush)
12 Trust "Trinity"
13 Warning "Magic Castle" (Vertigo)

Download via XLR8R

Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

Sun Is Up

Voices No Bodies is taken from T++'s latest and last release under this moniker, the stunning Wireless EP (Honest Jon's Records).

James Blake's soulful new stepper CMYK, taken from his forthcoming EP for R&S Records.

...and don't forget to check out Dettmann's debut album on Ostgut Ton!!!

Montag, 26. April 2010

Bitten By The Black Dog

The Black Dog remixed, combined with some of their own mixes and remixes on this fine selection for FACT magazine.

01. Purity Device – The Thought Police (Bitten By The Black Dog)
02. The Black Dog – Tunnels Ov Set (Autechre Remix)
03. The Black Dog – Dada Mindstab (Live Mix)
04. The Black Dog – Future Delay Thinking (Live Mix)
05. Grievous Angel – Billy Preston (Bitten By The Black Dog)
06. The Black Dog – Floods (Surgeon Remix)
07. The Black Dog – Siiiipher (Bass Soldier Remix)
08. The Black Dog – Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Remix)
09. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Redshape Remix)
10. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Slam Remix)
11. The Black Dog – Skin Clock (Silicon Soul Remix)
12. The Black Dog – Train By The Autobahn (8 Mile Remix by Rob Hood)
13. LFO – LFO (Bitten On The Sly By The Black Dog)
14. Slam – Azure (The Black Dog’s Corned Beefy Remix)

Download via FACT

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

CinemaSessions Vienna

This video was made during the first part of the CinemaSessions (Filmarchiv Austria) at Metro Kino Vienna on 13.04.2010. Fritz Lang's classic film Metropolis (restored & reconstructed version, 2010) was screened with live music by dieb13 & Burkhard Stangl.

Next CinemaSession 04.05.2010:

Japan 1931
Director: Daisuke Itô
Story: Daisuke Itô / Eiji Yoshikawa
Camera: Hiromitsu Karasawa
Actors: Denjirô Ôkôchi, Naoe Fushimi, Nobuko Fushimi, Reisaburô Yamamoto
Production: Nikkatsu, Tokio
Length: 1625 meters, 71 minutes (20 pictures/sec.)
Format: 35 mm, b/w, silent

...with live music by Peter Kutin

Dienstag, 20. April 2010

In a distant space

Sigha has an absolutely fantastic new techno mix up at his Soundcloud! Check it out below.

Forthcoming from Sigha:
Shake / Shapes / Light Swells (In A Distant Space) 12" (Hotflush Recordings)

Montag, 19. April 2010


Dutch producer 2562 aka A Made Up Sound tries to banish the vulcano's ash cloud with bass pressure, extracted from a fusion of Techno and Dubstep :-). Check out this week's Resident Advisor podcast to show support.


Samstag, 17. April 2010


Rdeča Raketa - Old Girl, Old Boy (Mosz)

Old Girl, Old Boy is the debut release from Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik / Matija Schellander) and is availabe on cassette only from Vienna's Mosz Records.
"Equipped with their low pitch tools, the sub-bass recorder and e-bass, and together with up to four hands full of electronics, the radical duo maneuvers with bravura through a veritable, eerily beautiful jungle of wild sounds grown rampant, not to mention the undergrowth of gently sizzling to rudely fiery bits & bytes." (Andreas Fellinger, freiStil - magazine for music and environment)

Old Girl, Old Boy will be presented live on 21/04/2010 @ Rhiz, Vienna.

Donnerstag, 15. April 2010


Fortcoming on Scuba's Hotflush Recordings!

Mount Kimbie - Remixes Part 1

A1 Maybes (James Blake Remix)
A2 Serged (FaltyDL Remix)
B At Least (Instra:mental Remix)

Mount Kimbie - Remixes Part 2

A William (Tama Sumo & Prosumer Remix)
B Vertical (SCB Edit)

Sepalcure - Love Pressure EP

A1 Love Pressure
A2 Down
B1 Every Day Of My Life
B2 The Warning

Sigha - Shake

A Shake
B1 Shapes
B2 Light Swells (In A Distant Space)

To preview some of the forthcoming tracks, check out the latest Dub War promo mix from Incyde!

01. Onra – Broken Language – All City
02. FaltyDL – Hard – Dub
03. Sbtrkt – 2020 – Brainmath
04. Ike Release – Vagabond Saga – Dub
05. Jus Wan – Coma Wall – Dub
06. Sepalcure – Love Pressure – forthcoming Hotflush
07. Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental Remix) – forthcoming Hotflush
08. Incyde – Patter – Dub
09. Sigha – Shapes – forthcoming Hotflush
10. Ramadanman – Glut – forthcoming Hemlock
11. VVV – Dorsai Irregulars – Dub
12. Geiom & Dawntreader – Toscani – Double Science
13. FaltyDL – Because You – Dub
14. Marco Bernardi – Mystery of Nazarus (2562 Remix) – Clone
15. DJG – Escape Pod – forthcoming Transistor
16. XI – Ghost – Dub
17. Kloke – Meltdown – Dub
18. DJG – Time Is The Fire – forthcoming Transistor

Download via Urb

Montag, 12. April 2010

M & Ms

Fiedel, from berlin-based duo MMM, twiddles knobs for this week's FACT Magazine podcast.

01. Shake - Stereotype. Frictional 008
02. Skream - Minimalistix. Nonplus 004
03. Greena - Actual Pain. Apple Pips 010
04. Shortstuff & Hyetal - Don’t Sleep. Punchdrunk 015
05. MMM - Unreleased (Live Version). MMM 5
06. Roska - Holograph. Fantastic Four 001
07. Martyn - Suburbia. Apple Pips 001
08. Radio Slave - Neverending. Ostgut-Ton 022
09. Equalized - A. Equalized 003
10. D-Malice - Refix EP – Gabryelle Refix 001
11. MMM - Nous Sommes MMM. MMM 4
12. Rejected - Peanuts. Figure 020
13. Outlaw Breaks - Dutty – Dub Mix. Left Records 008
14. Jona - Secret 47. Planet E 65297

Download vie FACT

Freitag, 9. April 2010

Nasty Bass

Single sided vinyl seems to be HOT right now!

Deadboy - If U Want Me (Numbers) out now

Joker - Tron (Kapsize) out now


Schlachthofbronx unite the global bass culture in a summery podcast for XLR8R, ranging from Dancehall via Kwaito and Baile Funk to Techno.

Treffpunkt: Swimmingpool :-)

01 Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppy Kids "Nasty Bass"
02 Sonido del Principe "Pesebre"
03 Douster feat. Aidonia "Uucko Thight"
04 Discotrashmusic feat. Spoek Mathambo & Bigspace "Bumpercars (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Absolut Freak)
05 Boemklatsch "Reflex (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Bmkltsch)
06 Sticky "Jack It Up"
07 Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppy Kids "Belly Full of Pills" (Disko B)
08 Die Vögel "Petardo" (Pampa)
09 Unknown "Unknown"
10 Schlachthofbronx "We Run This" (Disko B)
11 Hoodie "Dirty Maluku Style" (Made2dance)
12 South Rakkas Crew feat. Capleton "Bun Up 3000 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Mad Decent)
13 Zebra Baby "+1 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)" (Itd)
14 Unknown "Unknown"
15 Claude Von Stroke "Vocal Chords (Schlachthofbronx Edit)"
16 Schlachthofbronx feat. MC Gringo & MC Nem "Foc Me Baby" (Man)
17 Busy Signal "Black Belt (Schlachthofbronx Edit)"
18 Moreno Negron "Chicorizo"
19 Miss Thing & Psycho Tanbad "Bonify" (Mixpak)

Download via XLR8R

Schlachthofbronx (& many more) @ Spring Festival, Graz

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010




strangeloop’s 2010

[or] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity
"2010 is about a dystopian alternate universe where an A.I. Deity has become imprisoned within its own Ego. It discovers a transcendental media living within an archaic laptop, which upon viewing, facilitates its spiritual evolution."
"Flying Lotus had always suggested to me that I try some VJ sets of purely my own work, and the idea had excited me, so this is the outcome of diving into that. All the visuals & music in 2010 are original material, some of which were created in collaboration with artist Leigh J. McCloskey, the visionary painter behind Flying Lotus’ new album artwork for Cosmogramma." strangeloop
More info can be found here.

Watch out for Dr. Stangeloop's forthcoming album Easy Listening For Our Future Children (Brainfeeder).

Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Solar Panel

Preview some tracks from Clubroot's forthcoming new album II - MMX (LoDubs) released on May 3rd 2010.

Sonntag, 4. April 2010

Black Gold

More analogue delicacy from the Editions Mego camp!!!

Daniel Menche - Kataract (Alpha Mix) LP
Rel.: 3.5.2010

Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here? 2LP/CD
Rel.: 24.5.2010

Robin Fox - A Handful Of Automation LP/C50 Cassette
Rel.: 04.06.2010

Hecker - 3 Track 12" 12"
Rel.: 04.06.2010

Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal LP/CD
Rel.: 18.06.2010

Freitag, 2. April 2010

Vacuum Boogie

Episode 130 in the XLR8R Podcast series, entitled My Plastic People (made in tribute to the endangered London club), comes from Floating Points.

01 Flora Purim "Encounters" (Milestone)
02 Deniece Williams "Slip Away" (Columbia)
03 Esther Philips "Home Is Where the Hatred Is" (KUDU)
04 Windy City "(So You Think) Somethin's Missin'" (Chi Sound)
05 James Brown "Mind Power" (Polydor)
06 Gil Scott-Heron "Lady Day and John Coltrane" (Flying Dutchman)
07 Brian Auger & Oblivion Express "Whenever You're Ready" (RCA)
08 Willie Bobo "Sixty-Two Fifty" (Columbia)
09 Chick Corea & Return to Forever "Captain Marvel" (Polydor)
10 Kuniyuki "Precious Hall (Dub)" (Natural Resource)
11 Larry Heard "Missing You" (Track Mode)
12 Herbert "Suddenly" (Studio !K7)
13 Darkstar "Aidy's Girl Is a Computer (Kyle Hall Oats B So Deep Remix)" (Hyperdub)
14 Floating Points "Shark Chase" (Eglo)
15 Pharoah Sanders "Greeting To Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner)" (Impulse)

Download via XLR8R

Brand new from Floating Points:
People's Potential / Shark Chase 12" (Eglo Records)

...and then:
10. July 2010 - Floating Points / Fatima @ Pratersauna, Vienna.