Montag, 29. November 2010

Man on a string

Stream 30 minutes (of 70+ minutes) of pure Shackleton magic (old, new and unreleased tracks), taken from his forthcoming Fabric live CD release; courtesy of FACT

01 Come Up [unreleased]
02 Moon Over Joseph's Burial [Perlon]
03 Hypno Angel [Skull Disco]
04 Visontele [unreleased]
05 Interlude: Blood Rhythm With Wishy Drones [unreleased]
06 Operatic Waves [unreleased]
07 Closeness to Nature [unreleased]
08 Negative Thoughts [Perlon]
09 Death Is Not Final feat. Vengeance Tenfold [Skull Disco]
10 International Fires [unreleased]
11 Paper [Perlon]
12 Deadman [unreleased]
13 Interlude: Point One, Sense It [unreleased]
14 Man On A String (Part 1) [Woe to the septic heart!]
15 Man On A String (Part 2) [Woe to the septic heart!]
16 Ice [unreleased]
17 Busted Spirit [unreleased]
18 Bottles [unreleased]
19 New Dawn [Skull Disco/ Hotflush]
20 Something Has Got To Give [Perlon]
21 Massacre [Skull Disco/Hotflush]
22 Stripped [unreleased]

Tracks 1-11 are on preview!

Samstag, 27. November 2010


Wow....this is what I call a special one. The mysterious Ancient Methods step up to the decks to create a dark glowing monster mix for mnml ssgs.

Cloaks – Desolate Turves 1st (3by3)
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Bewusstseinserweiternd Tonaufnahme (Kranky Ltd.)
Tropic of Cancer (Richard H. Kirk remix) (Downwards)
Traversable Wormhole Vol. 1
Claude Young - I am nothing (Djax Up)
Renato Cohen – Power (Sino) / The Caretaker – Poor Enunciation (History always favours the winner)
Lance Samuel – The Hold (Resounds)
Audio Injection – Operation (Speedy J remix) (Electric Deluxe) / Aphex Twin – Tassels (Warp)
Friend & Friend – Origin (Dinner)
Morbeck – Untitled (Vault Series) / Bad Sector – Spontaneous Reduction (Tantric Harmonies)
Jeroen Liebgrets – Donau ( Audio Assault) / Monolake – Force (ml/i)
Andreas Kremer vs. Grimes – Untitled (Mind your head) / Death in June & Boyd Rice – Are you out there? (Dornier 17 mix) (New European Recordings)
Casual Violence – Machine we are (Aftertaste Ltd.)
Mika Vainio – Barbarians (Raster Noton) / Deathprod – Treetop Drive Pt. 3 (Rune Grammofon)
Björn Svin – Eat like hawks (RSB)
Christian Vogel – Sarcastically Tempered Powers (Tresor)
Wishmountain – Radio (Evolution) / Gustaf Hildebrand – Ruins of a failed Utopia (Cyclic Law)
Speedy J – Armstrong (CLR) / Ophir – Bleibt der Erde true pt. II (Greyland)
Supagrupa – San Francisco (Infecta 02)
Regis – Speak to me (Downwards) / IRM – Oedipus Dethroned (Cold Meat Industry)
DJ Slip – Broken Cake (Missile)
Abe Duque – Chocolate Delight (Radical Ambient) / Biosphere – City Wakes up (Touch)
Go Hiyama – Servant (Zwart) / Oren Ambarchi – A final kiss on poisoned cheeks pt. I (Table of the elements)
The Modernist – Dali Bop Horizon (Auftrieb Mix)
Tektrax – One way st. (Subvert 01)
Makaton – Animal Worship (Rodz-Konez)
DKF – Lärmpegel Minimum (Steinklang Industries)
Amon Tobin – Rhino Jockey (Ninja Tune) / Jeff Mills – Cycle 2 (Axis)
Oren Ambarchi – A final kiss on poisoned cheeks pt. II (Table of the elements)

Read more & Download via mnml ssgs

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Slow Motion

Fresh Earth material forthcoming in 2011! The new album is titled Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 and will be released via Southern Lord. This time Dylan Carlson and Adrienne Davis are joined by cellist Lori Goldston and bassist Karl Blau. I wonder how it will sound like...

1. Old Black
2. Father Midnight
3. Descent To The Zenith
4. Hell’s Winter
5. Angels of Darknes, Demons of Light I

Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Magic Summer Nights

A Download for Ramadanman's set from this year's best festival (Outlook Festival 2010) is available to download at bedtimebunnage. You should check this one out immediately!

Burial - Night bus
Funkineven - Heart pound
James Blake - Four miles
Linkwood - What's up with the underground
Rodd Lee - Let me see what you working with (Rama re-edit)
DVA - Step 2 funk
DBridge - Zx81 (Ramadanman refix)
Joy Orbison - Ladywell
Ramadanman - Grab somebody
Goapele - Milk & honey (remix)
T Williams - Hard cash
DJ Rampage - Deep inside (Rama re-edit)
Rodd Lee - Y'all don't want none
Joy Orbison - GR Etiquette
Ramadanman - Fall short
Natalie Storm - Play di ting (Heatwave remix)
Pearson Sound - Stifle
Ramadanman - Work Them
Loefah - Goat stare
Wiley - 123 go
SX vs. Rama - Woo glut
Lil Wayne - A milli (Harmonimix)
Wiley - Ice rink
Pearson Sound - Blue eyes

Download via bedtimebunnage

Dienstag, 16. November 2010


Next level producer Blawan in the mix for The Daily Street! Fantastic!

1. Forest Swords – Hjurt (Pariah Refix) [Forthcoming No Pain In Pop]
2. Alex Coulton – Representations [Forthcoming All Caps]
3. Cassy – Ava [Cassy]
4. Unknown – Oops [Caravan]
5. Fish Go Deep ft Tracy K – The Cure And The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) [goDeep records]
6. A Jackin Phreak – Acid Sex (88′ Baron Mix) [RZ Muszik]
7. Marco Bernardi – Broken Silences [Forthcoming Royal Oak]
8. Braun Vs. Ubebe – Neotony [Tartelet Records]
9. 2 AM/FM – Desolate Cities [Forthcoming Delsin]
10. Marcella Napoletano – Everyday Madness [Hour House Is Your Rush]
11. Midland – By The Speakers [Unreleased]
12. Iron Curtis – Just Us [Jack Off]
14. Brackles & Shortstuff – Good Foundations Ft Terror Shock [Forthcoming Blunted Robots]
15. Kaysand – Biblical [Monique musique]
16. Jera – Another one [Unreleased]
17. Pearson Sound – Blanked [Forthcoming Hessle Audio]
18. Untold – Stereo Freeze [R&S]
19. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window [Delsin]
20. Unknown – Unknown [Unreleased]
21. Bad Autopsy – Rot Pot [Unreleased]
22. Mickey Pearce – What Mickey Talkin About [Unreleased]
23. Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix) [Unreleased]

Download via The Daily Street

Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Boom Room

Vienna's Dubsquare is kicking off a series of label podcasts, with #1 mixed by label operator IZC. Check it out below!

1. Ca.tter - Babypolitics (Dubsquare)
2. Kowton - Stasis/G Mix - (Keysound)
3. El Rakkas - Done Already (Dubsquare)
4. Panamax Project - Maximum Width (Subsolo)
5. Joe - Claptrack (Hessle)
6. El Rakkas - Extremely Cheap And Effective (Dubsquare)
7. Andrea - You Still Got Me (Daphne)
8. Ca.tter - 4th Motion/Double Helix (LHF) Remix (Dubsquare)
9. Ca.tter - Never (Dubsquare)
10. Martyn - Mega Drive Generation (Hyperdub)
11. IZC - 5am (dubplate)
12. Omar S - Quadripegic Companion (FXHE)

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Frozen Gloom

Sigha is back with his own label called Our Circular Sound and is featured at the mnml ssgs blog with one of his beautifully deep mixes.

Sigha - Over The Edge / Early Morning Lights (Marcel Dettmann Remix) (Our Circular Sound) 12" is out now!

sigha - ssg special mix by mnml ssgs

Alternatively you can download the set here.

Dienstag, 9. November 2010


UK Funky operator Lil' Silva in the mix for XLR8R. It's time to polish your dancing shoes!

01 Macabre Unit "It’s All About" (Unreleased)
02 Breach "Fatherless (Doc Daneeka MRR SNRZZ Remix)" (PTN)
03 Kenny Dope presents The Bucketheads "The Bomb (These Sounds Fall into My Mind)" (Positiva)
04 Redlight "Next Hype" (Digital Soundboy)
05 702 "You Don’t Know (acapella)"
06 Bingo Players "When I Dip" (Bingo Players)
07 DJ Gregory "Klappa" (Defected)
08 Lil Silva "Shutter"
09 Yolanda Be Cool "We No Speak Americano (Lil Silva Refix)"
10 DVA "Step 2 Funk" (Hyperdub)
11 Lil Silva "Patience" (Good Years)
12 MJ Cole ft Wiley "The Drop" (Prolific Recordings)
13 Fugative "Bad Girl (Lil Silva Dub)" (Ministry of Sound)
14 Seiji "Weed Killer" (Phonica)
15 Lil Silva "Don’t Mess Around"
16 Macabre Unit "Take Time"
17 DVA feat. Fatima "Just Vybe (Soule:Power Mix)" (Hyperdub)
18 Lil Silva "Risk that Sh**"
19 Redlight "Box of Secrets"
20 Lil Silva "Cheese & Bun"
21 Mark Ronson & the Business INTL. "The Bike Song (Lil Silva Remix)" (Columbia)

Download via XLR8R

Montag, 8. November 2010


Fresh 12" business from SCB (Scuba's techno moniker) featuring Hard Boiled VIP and 28_5.

Also check out a SCB live set recorded at Berlin's Panorama Bar, downloadable via Halcyon here.

Sonntag, 7. November 2010


Five years of Ostgut Ton are celebrated with the immense Fünf compilation. The music is crafted from field recordings made inside Berlin's Berghain and Panorama Bar and features all Ostgut Ton artists and club associates. All together this release highlights the special and inseparable relationships between the label, club space, and collective of artists. For tracklist and soundsamples see below!

Freitag, 5. November 2010

Hi Emotions

Girl Unit, producer of anthems Wut and I.R.L., on the decks for Numbers. Check it out!

1. Lone – Once In A While (Werk)
2. Space Dimension Controller – SH-8040 (Acroplane)
3. LV & Okmalumkoolkat – Zharp (Hyperdub)
4. The Living Islands – Empire (Sam Tiba Remix) (Forthcoming Abracada)
5. Der Zyklus – Elektronishes Zeitechno (Gigolo)
6. Boddika – Boddika’s House (Naked Lunch)
7. Gant-Man – Atraxion (Melo Mix) (Unreleased)
8. Egyptrixx – Liberation Front (Forthcoming Night Slugs)
9. Lando Kal – Moist (Forthcoming Lo Fi Fnk)
10. Taylor – CMB (Girl Unit remix) (Forthcoming Super)
11. Jam City – Magic Drops (Forthcoming Night Slugs)
12. Salva – 40 Karats (Instrumental) (Unreleased)
13. Taz – Gold Tooth Grin (Forthcoming Numbers)
14. Ludacris – Slap (Instrumental) (Disturbing Tha Peace)
15. Ciara – Deuces Freestyle (Dubbel Dutch remix) (Unreleased)
16. Mista Men – Stutter (Unreleased)
17. DJ Rashad – Pop Them Thangs (Juke Trax)
18. DJ Assault – Tyrone (Jefferson Ave.)

Download via Numbers.

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Lo Rider

Hotflush Recordings return with number 11 in their podcast series. This edition is under the patronage of XI and is available to download here.

Montag, 1. November 2010


London based Night Slugs is Resident Advisor's label of the month! Read more about it here and download L-Vis 1990's label showcase here.

Girl Unit - Shade On
L-Vis 1990 - Forever You Dub
Egyptrixx - Liberation Front
Mosca - Square One VIP
Kingdom - Bust Broke
Girl Unit - IRL (Bok Bok Remix)
Jam City - Magic Drops
Lil Silva - Golds 2 Get
L-Vis 1990 - Reprise
Jam City - Arpjam
Velour - The Scent of Romance
Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want
Optimum - Broken Embrace
Girl Unit - Wut