Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

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Only some months after their brilliant album Oversteps, Autechre will release a new 10 track record titled Move Of Ten on July 12th. It will be available as a CD and two seperate 12". Check out the new track y7 at Autechre's website here.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010


The Vienna based "Techno Band" Elektro Guzzi released the self-titled debut album this week. It was recorded with a classical rock band set-up (drums, guitar and bass), without overdubs or pre-recorded loops and was produced by Patrick Pulsinger. What you hear is 100 % live!

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

On The Rocks

Fresh from releasing his debut album on Ostgut Ton, Marcel Dettmann does some deck-business for FACT's 150th podcast. By now you should know what to expect....

1. Arpanet – Heisenberg Compensation [Rephlex, 2005]
2. Sabre – Leveling Out pt.2 [Critical, 2010]
3. Kotai & Mo – Silencer [Elektro Music Department, 1997]
4. CTI – Conquest [Conspiracy International, 1984]
5. Cristian Vogel – Artists In Charge Of Expert Systems B1 [Mosquito, 1995]
6. Hecate & Kareem – The Payback A1 [Zhark, 1996]
7. Morphosis – Running Out [M>O>S, 2010]
8. DJ Yoav B. – Soul Surrender [Delsin, 2010]
9. Stefan Robbers – Backxpin [Ifach, 2000]
10. Steve Poindexter – Mental Problems [Chicago Underground, 1991]
11. Drexciya – Aquatic Bata Particles [Rephlex, 1994]
12. Tangula – Descending II [Diametric, 2010]
13. Redshape – Drama [Present, 2010]
14. Monojunk – Monotone Fantastique [Unknown]
15. Sian – Oblette – (Norman Nodge Remix) [Unknown]
16. Herwig Maurer – Utopia [Telepathic, 1997]
17. Polygon Window – UT1-Dot [Warp, 1992]

Download via FACT

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Funky Bubbles

Ikonika, the first lady of sour melodies & bass, spinning records for XLR8R. Watch out for dubplates and unreleased tracks!

01 Jahcoozi "Read the Books (Ikonika Remix)" (BPitch Control)
02 Martyn "MiniLuv"
03 Braiden "The Alps"
04 Optimum "Storm Riddim"
05 Ikonika "Dckhdbtch"
06 DVA "New World Order" (DVA)
07 Kingdom "Pathfinder" (Scion)
08 Endgames "Ecstasy (Jam City Refix)" (Night Slugs)
09 Lil Silva "A Million" (Night Slugs)
10. Blondes "Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)"
11. Ikonika "Aqueous Cream" (Hum&Buzz)
12. Ramadanman "Glut" (Hemlock)
13. Optimum "Chaos"
14. Ikonika "Psoriasis" (Hyperdub)
15. Pony Pony Run Run "Walking On A Line (French Fries Dub)"
16. Caribou "Leave House (Ikonika Remix)" (City Slang)
17. Guido "Mad Sax" (Punch Drunk)
18. Girl Unit "Wut"
19. Addison Groove "Nautilus"
20. J.O.H vs. The-Dream "J.O.H Is A 10"

Download via XLR8R

The second edition of the XLR8R podcast series this week comes from Hessle Audio co-owner Ben UFO. Special as ever!

01 Mad Mike feat. Davina "Don't You Want It" (Happy)
02 Cassy "Endless Endeavour" (Cassy)
03 Afefe Iku "Body Drummin" (Yoruba)
04 Untold "Anaconda (Guarachero Refix)"
05 A Made Up Sound "Alarm" (A Made Up Sound)
06 Funkystepz feat. Lily McKenzie "For U"
07 West Norwood Cassette Library "Blonde on Blonde"
08 Logic "Blues For You (Hard Dub)" (Strictly Rhythm)
09 Unknown "Blue"
10 Kathy Brown "I Appreciate (52 Leagues of Swing Mix)" (Cutting)
11 Mosca "Square One (VIP)"
12 Martin Kemp "Fix" (Blunted Robots)
13 Aaron Carl "Wallshaker" (Millions of Moments)
14 Commix "How You Gonna Feel (Pangaea Remix)"
15 Indo "R U Sleeping? (Bump and Flex vocal Mix)" (Satellite)
16 Blackstreet "Need a Fix (Jeremy Sylvester Remix)" (white)
17 Unknown "Untitled"
18 Biter "Hype Trak"
19 Wizzbit "Jamnite" (Slimzos)
20 Peverelist and Hyetal "RRR"
21 Dom Perignon and Dynamite "Together" (Mos Wanted)
22 Blackout "SOS"
23 Ramadanman "Bass Drumz"
24 Digital Mystikz "Ugly" (Big Apple)
25 Chris Mack "Gal A Call Me Phone (Militant Vocal Mix)" (Ultimate Beats)
26 Blawan "Iddy" (Hessle Audio)
27 Outkast "Ms. Jackson (Harmonimix)"
28 Mondie "Shower" (white)
29 J Sweet "Gutter (Alias Remix)" (Sweet Beatz)
30 Shystie feat. Crazy Titch and J2K "Make It Easy (Davinche Remix)" (Network)
31 Joe "Level Crossing" (Hessle Audio)
32 James Blake "Libra"

Download via XLR8R

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Austrian Bass

Vienna based Dubsquare Records will release two new 12"s of bass-heavy dance music this month. Watch out!

First is a dark tech-step release by El Rakkas aka ChristoFX & Marty from Graz, including a remix of the title track by sound artist Pomassl (Laton/Raster-Noton).

Side A: Extremely Cheap And Effective (Original) / Extremely Cheap And Effective (Pomassl Remix)
Side B: Done Already / Interference

Next up is ca.tter with her own version of Detroit-influenced bass music; it's her second release for the label. Three fresh tracks with a Double Helix Remix to boot.

Side A: 4th Motion (Original) / 4th Motion (Double Helix Remix)
Side B: Never / Babypolitics

You can check out sound samples of both releases on soundcloud here!

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Stress Waves

Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never will release his new album Returnal on Editions Mego in June. To get an idea of what it may sound like, check out his live podcast from last year at rarefrequency.com here.

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

Montag, 3. Mai 2010

Leeuwarden's Finest

Conforce has recorded a deep live set and mentions that it is ...
..."my personal best set ever, diverse, climaxing, deep, flow. There are some unreleased tracks in it."
Check it out below!

Conforce Live @ STUG Planet Rose 24-04-2010 by Conforce

1. Conforce - Rare Education (ext edit) - Meanwhile
2. Unknown - Unknown
3. Conforce - Stop Hold - Meanwhile
4. Conforce - Cruising - Curle
5. Conforce - The Incident - TBR
6. Conforce - Joyless Mind - Curle
7. Conforce - Falling and Rising - Unreleased
8. Conforce - It Won't Get Me - Unreleased
9. Conforce - Intimidation - Meanwhile
10. Conforce - First Impression (Live mix)
11. Conforce - CCCP - Modelisme
12. Conforce - Eruption - TBR

...and also check out his great new album Machine Conspiracy (Meanwhile)!