Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Classical Curves

"The Classical Genesis Mix demonstrates the type of collision that Jam City has achieved so ingeniously on his debut LP: Frenzied, sweat-drenched machine muzik that belongs just as much on the warehouse floor as it does the silky, twilight world its creator resides in. It’s part mission statement, part tribute, part documentary. Glide with it." (Night Slugs)
NY House’n Authority – Apt 3b (edit)
Romanthony – Da Change
Steve Poindexter – LSD
LVis1990 - Video Drone
Kevin Saunderson – Warp
AS1 – Gearshift (edit)
Asunder Voicemail
326 – Just Like Heaven (Armando Mix)
Traxmen – Caution
Ariel Rosenberg’s Thrash N Burn – Pleasure Spot
DJ Phaze – Philly Drums
Laurie Anderson – Walking and Falling
Hyatt Park fundraiser
Laurie Anderson – Blue Lagoon
Classical Demo Tape/ Unpublished fashion week interview
Black Dice - Wastered
Intelligence Dept. – Sleeping City
Jam plays Prince – Do Me Baby – live at the Seacam Hotel
Hyatt Freeway/Get Outta Here

Download from Night Slugs

Jam City's LP Classic Curves will be out on May 28th via Night Slugs.

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