Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Some preparatory notes on Concrete Fence #1

A mix by Russell Haswell

1] Boyd Rice/Frank Tovey: Extraction 12
2] Abruptum: In Ictu Oculi
3] Fats Comet: Zoop Zoop
4] Derrick May: Emanon Ends
5] Alexander Hacke: Nachbar
6] LFO: Take Control (Peel Session)
7] Test Dept: Cold Witness
8] Holger Hiller: Whippets
9] Blake Baxter: Vision of Truth
10] 52nd St: Can’t Afford (Unorganised Mix)
11] Mark Stewart: Consumed (The Program Mix)
12] Carcass: Reek of Putrefaction
13] Cabaret Voltaire: It’s About Now

Haswell's new 5-Inch Vinyl Series LP (Downwards) is out  now and his FACTUAL LP is forthcoming on Editions Mego.

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