Donnerstag, 8. November 2012


Wife (left_blank / Tri-Angle Records) did a great mix for Clash Magazine to promote his forthcoming Stoic EP (left_blank) that is out soon!

GOD - Fucked
Tangerine Dream - Birth of Liquid Plejades
LowLife - A Sullen Sky
Rachel Grimes -Every Morning
Steve Reich - Pulses
Portal - Larvae
Wilderness - Post Plethoric Rhetoric
1991 - Open to the Dark
Ami Dang - Treasure
Pom Pom - Untitled (19 A)
Ambivalent & Alexi Delano - Lights Down
Shifted - Leather
Drake - Make Me Proud
Ango - True Blue
Julianna Barwick - Envelop
Chasing Voices - Acid Bathory
The Prodigy - Break and Enter

Download via Clash Magazine

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