Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012


Helm in the mix for Blowing Up The Workshop! Featuring some of his favorite tracks from 2012 and some forthcoming stuff from his label Alter as well as two unreleased Helm pieces.

Raime - Passed Over Trail
Liberez - A Warning
Black Sun Roof - Shit Slaughter
Age Coin - Perceptions 
Kevin Drumm - Relief
Helm - Silencer
Damien Dubrovnik - Pacha Counterfeit
Nick Edwards - No Escape From '79
Ben Vida - Zizzlers
The Bomber Jackets - Demo
Elg - Blau Lunge
Gareth Williams & Marie Currie - Beguiling The Hours
The Tobacconists - Summer Riding School
Vanessa Rossetto - De Trop
Bee Mask - Rain In Coffee
Helm - Untitled WIP

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