Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Donaufestival 2013

Krèms brûlée...

In the last eight years, springtime in Krems not only brings blossoming apricot trees, white wine, and the splendour of the world heritage site Wachau but also a showcase of the most innovative art forms of our time, between avant-garde and subculture. Much of what has been presented at the donaufestival for the first time has since made its way to numerous institutions and festivals in Austria and beyond – which we are naturally quite proud of, but all the more reason to turn it up a notch.

The ninth edition of the festival augments its focus on performative art forms that operate beyond the boundaries of theatre, in realms of visual arts and actionism, between installation and media art, between daring assertions and camouflage – driven by a deep craving for art that has an impact on society and politics. This pursuit is also mirrored in this year’s music programme, which guarantees nothing but radical innovation, in form and in content, from the past and the present.

You can find the (so far) confirmed acts @ donaufestival.at

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