Montag, 15. April 2013

The Growing

The Haxan Cloak in the mix for Resident Advisor to promote his new album Excavation that is out on Tri Angle Records this week. You can find more info and the download link for the mix here.

Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky - Incantation for Tape
Sun Ra - Imagination
Finn McNicholas - Why I Hate the Sea
Autechre + The Hafler Trio - Hae3
Burning Star Core and Prurient - Wheel of Fortune (Haxan Cloak edit)
Burning Star Core and Prurient - Hydrophiiac (Haxan Cloak edit)
ø - Olematon
Kevin Drumm - Snow (Haxan Cloak edit)
Halim el-Dabh - Wire Recorder Piece
Nine Inch Nails - At the Heart of it All
Sunn O))) - Richard (Haxan Cloak edit)
Boards of Canada - June 9th (Haxan Cloak edit)
Plastikman - Consumed
Meira Asher & Guy Harries - Torture/Bodyparts
Joy O - Wade in
AFX - Mangle 11 (circuit bent VIP Mix)
Chris Clark - Glen Velez remix
Folk Implosion - Raise the Bells

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