Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013


Dalglish did a mix for Self-titled Magazine to promote his forthcoming new album Niaiw Ot Vile that will be released on November 8th via PAN. Check out the mix as well as a track of his new album below.

Altibzz – Autechre
Hole in Wall – Bernard Hermann
Seit Nuin (Extended) – Dalgish
Conversation Rahsaan – Roland Kirk
It’s Gonna Rain – Steve Reich
Ampnoise – Dome
4 – Tod Dockstader
II – Taj Mahal Travellers
Nucleotide – Michael Shrieve
Track06 – M. Bianchi
Urcsthin (Unreleased) – Dalglish
Remembrance – Ross 154
Dedans-Dehors – Bernard Parmegiani
Unreleased – Dalglish
Ill Fares The Land – The Stranger
Xektses – Autechre
Cake Mic – Gescom
B 36 – Moebius
Mi – O.S.T.
Bohor – Iannis Xenakis
Munretha – O.S.T.
Atmosphares – Gyorgy Ligeti
How The West Was Won – Psych
Travellor (Unexplained Reprise) – Phenomyna
Lyot (reshape) (edit) – Vainqueur
Providence or Fate – The Stranger
Unreleased – Dalglish
Interval IV – Derrick May
Improvisation In Fourth – Dick Hyman
And On The Seventh Petaluma – Harry Partch
Solar Drums – Sun Ra
Gestures – Morton Subotnick
19.57 EC (Unreleased) – Dalglish
Violent Daydreams – Kevin Drumm
Syimproa (unreleased) – Dalglish
Out/Kutz (extended) – Dalglish
Tanar Part 2 – Roland Kayn
Dahinter Industriegelande – Asmus Tietchens
Inexorably Tied To You – John Beltran
Coral – Red Kite
Thick Skin, Paper Thin – Charles Hayward
Venerandum_SclDrGshMix – Ektoise
Mu Na H-Uile Ni A Shaoileas – Anthony Moore
Valuska – Mihály Víg
Remember Us – Leyland Kirby
Remember Us (Piano Version) – Leyland Kirby

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