Montag, 4. November 2013

DMT Usher

Fis, the latest Tri-Angle Records signing, is up for this week's RA-Podcast. The mix is composed of his own material; most tracks are new and unreleased! Head over to Resident Advisor to download the mix and to read a short interview with Fis.

The Cleft
Hope on a Tightrope
Clearing Concierge
Magister Nunns
K Slap
Celiac Tingle
Homologous A
Water Memory
Piggy's Cossacks

Preparations by Fis will be out November 18th on Tri-Angle Records. Check out a track from the 12" below.

01. Magister Nunns
02. DMT Usher
03. Mildew Swoosh
04. CE Visions

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