Dienstag, 26. November 2013

The Tracer Theory

Lee Gamble for Secret Thirteen.

Your Sociometric Afterlife(Hyperrealist Absurdist Psychodrama written for radio)The audio is constructed and composed around sampled discussions and lectures on the theory of ‘The Biocentric Universe’ and concept of ‘The Resistance to Social Change’ and acts out as a radio play for the notions of ‘The Illusion of Death’/'This Dysfunctional Life/Afterlife’.All frequencies are present, many are unavailable for perception.The narrative is hidden as a ‘sub-vocalisation’ in the sub-harmonic content. (Lee Gamble)

1. Inner loop
2. Part2_3_
3. Unchangeable pre-conditioned thief
4. The Tracer theory
5. Dissociatives on Barrow Island
6. Who are you?
7. Mirroring the fear of a former employee
8. Perhaps there are no objects?
9. Locked in
10. Your seraphic pseudocoma

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