Freitag, 8. November 2013


FADEMIX004 is here! This time Nguzunguzu are on the knobs to promote their new Skycell 12" that is out soon via Fade To Mind.

Logos - Seawolf (Keysound Recordings)
MikeQ - Pray to the Almighty Kelela (Fade to Mind)
NA / Massacooramaan - Venomous VS Xtreme (L-Vis 1990 Edit)
Shunji Moriwaki - Action (Double Break Drama)
Neana - Bow Kat (8 Bar)
Nguzunguzu - Mecha (Fade to Mind)
Rizzla - Trina isn't Here For It
Massacooramaan - Dark Flow (NA Edit)
Mumdance & Logos - In Reverse PIV (Keysound)
Hysterics - Code Switch (Georgia Girls Hollow Nose Edition)
Dj Juwan - OOP
Nguzunguzu- Break In (Fade to Mind)
Helix - Whoosh Rain Dispenser (TF Rain on Me Editorial)
Kingdom - Gwen Yummy
Bok Bok & Tom Trago - Hole Driller
MikeQ - Pumps Overdose
Tai Davis - Work That Muthafucker Remake
MA - Work Bitch Edit
Kelela - Enemy (MA Ironsoul Edit)
Kelela - Go All Night (Massacooramaan Edit)

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